Getting into classic motorcycle collecting can be easier than starting a classic car collection. While not perfect, this Norton is in good all-around condition, thanks to a full restoration. The maroon paint has a nice shine to it and only needs minor corrections, while the gold script and pinstriping is in even better shape. The brightwork also presents well enough. Just as important, the saddle, handles, and foot pegs still look new, so this should be a comfortable ride. That combination could lead to values of well-sorted Commandos like this one increasing nicely as collectors realize what they truly represent. According to the seller, this Norton comes with a binder full of receipts for the restoration work, a nice reassurance of what was done.

1972 Norton Commando 750cc Roadster, TAX EXEMPT, MOT’d

This 74 Norton Commando Mk. We still have the original bill of sale and letter from Elite Motors of London, where he purchased it. He owned it until , when he gave it to his longtime friend, who we purchased it from. The bike also comes with service records dating back to and up through recent times too. In the late s the bike was mechanically and cosmetically restored by Essex Motorsports in Chester, CT.

This included:.

A matching numbers Commando with metal gas tank, disc brake, original mufflers, headers, carburetors ( Amal Concentric). All service records dating back.

Seat height: The late Sixties were a tough time for the British motorcycle industry. Buyouts and mergers were happening left and right, yet despite being the illegitimate child of a shotgun marriage between Associated Motor Cycles and Villiers, the Norton Commando became one of the most successful motorcycles ever produced in Britain.

Best known are the Roadster and Interstate models, built starting in until production ceased in But between the first Fastback Commando of and the final electric-start bikes of , the factory built a number of short-run variants that are now highly collectible. When the Plumstead site was slated for redevelopment, assembly was moved in to a new facility in Andover, Hampshire on the famous Thruxton circuit , while engine manufacture went to the Villiers factory in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

Along with the change in location came an opportunity to tidy up the Commando engine. Principally, the ignition points were moved from a chain-driven jackshaft behind the cylinders where the magneto had been on the cc Atlas to the end of the camshaft to simplify the design and make the points easier to service. The tachometer drive, previously taken off the end of the camshaft, moved inboard, with the tach cable now coming off the front of the engine instead of the right side.

The more conservative R model was in essence a transition model from the Fastback to the Roadster. It used up the remaining 20M3 engines, with the side-mounted oil tank and sausage-shaped mufflers from the Fastback, but was fitted with a stylish new fiberglass gas tank and a conventional dual seat. The S, however, made a radical styling statement. Gone were the sensible shrouds and gaiters from the front forks, exposing slender chrome fork tubes with token dust excluders. Chrome exhaust headers wove around the frame downtubes, exiting on the left and sweeping along the side of the bike, with chrome heat shields adding a finishing touch.

Bonhams offers 1973 Norton Commando and more in Las Vegas auction

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Norton’s Commando was designed and prototyped in 11 months, downtube that carried oil, a design dating back to the Pierce Four of !

It sounds more like a mixture problem to me and this should be checked first. Needles should be the special long ones 2. Needle jets should be the type with the little holes in the sides.. Needle jets can wear fast especially in the Commando and often need changing after only , miles. Worn needle jets will cause the problem described.

The intention here is not to embarrass anyone but we frequently get these questions. We receive literally hundreds of enquiries every day.

Engine & Frame Numbers

When it absolutely must be done right and with integrity, you need Greg Marsh Enterprises. Our motto, promise, mission, and ethic is: Satisfaction Guaranteed! Monday, August 24, This page is an attempt to identify the Norton Commando models and major changes. Very little of this is from my personal knowledge. Most of it comes from various public records and has been checked by some members of the Access Norton forum.

The Life and Times of the Yellow Submarine The Norton Commando a building dating from the time Thruxton Circuit was Thruxton Aerodrome, home to a B

The Kawasaki Z1R TC is just one of the turbocharged machines produced by the major motorcycle manufacturers for a short period of time. In theory, a turbo comes as close to producing free horsepower as anything ever invented. It uses exhaust pressure to spin a small turbine that packs more fresh air and fuel into the cylinders. This creates a real-world, on-demand hyperdrive, which amounts to a very serious, very noticeable performance boost. But the heavy, ill-handling machines never really caught on with the public.

This bike produced a claimed horses at 8, rpm. The engine is a 1,cc, air-cooled, turbocharged, double-overhead-cam inline four. Wet weight: pounds. The brand had a following in the s and the Montesa cc Cappra on sale at this auction is a perfect example of the motocrossers from Spain.

NORTON ATLAS 650 RANGER (2020 – on) Review

Far from being randomly selected from the production line, the Norton Atlas Ranger you see here is a final-stage pre-production prototype, a lone Ranger to go tonto on. Trading off heritage is so common now that companies will go to extraordinary lengths to invent a heart-tugging backstory to underpin their latest cynical attempt at world domination. The shock is equally composed, with enough range to cope with a wide variance in loads.

The Norton Atlas was a Norton motorcycle made between and , until it was replaced by the Norton Commando.

A fastidiously restored trio Norton Commando bikes is among a dozen restored classics on offer at the Shannons Winter Timed Online Auction from August Click here for our tips on how to buy a motorcycle at auction. Similarly desirable for Norton enthusiasts is a Norton Commando Fastback restored to a similarly-high standard that has covered just 12 miles 19km since its completion.

Although it was a street-legal machine, the OW01 had a spec sheet that was all about racing. From the late s and early s come three standout British bikes with no reserve:. It is understood to be one of only four or five left in existence. The Sydney Auction showroom has re-opened under reduced hours of 10am-4pm, Monday — Friday.

Source: MotorbikeWriter. The UK Pensions Ombudsman is now chasing Garner to repay funds from three pension schemes he set up which fraudulently funnelled money into his company. Garner was trustee of all funds and sole director of their provider, Manocrest Ltd.

My Bonhams

With a new emphasis on road bikes, talented engineers like Doug Hele were promoted or brought in; tighter financial controls were introduced and a deal was done with Joe Berliner to distribute Nortons in the growing North American market. In the summer of AMC reached a crisis point, and when a deal to source working capital from Joe Berliner fell through, the company went bust.

He knew what the trimmed-down Norton-Villiers division needed was a new flagship motorcycle. The Norton Atlas , launched in , was a torquey beast — the biggest British twin on the market, with the Royal Enfield Interceptor — but it suffered appalling vibration above rpm, because the increase in engine capacity came via a long-stroke crankshaft: there was no money to design new crankcases for a short-stroke cc engine, or add modern balancing shafts.

A redesign got underway in early , aiming to have the new bike ready for the Earls Court Show in September. Both were young, with impressive pedigrees: Trigg had cut his teeth at BSA and Ariel before joining Norton-Villiers, while Hooper had worked with the renowned Hermann Meier on racing two-strokes.

The R, S and SS model Norton Commandos (from left to right). Photo by Robert Smith.

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Norton Commando Cafe Racer mkII NEC 17