Epic Sues Google, Apple Over ‘Anticompetitive’ Behavior After Fortnite Removal From App Stores

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Destiny 2 has removed skill-based matchmaking for most PvP modes

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: CommandoTank7, on 20 March – PM, said:. Beastquake, on 20 March – AM, said:. I love the new economy. It’s stupid.

nyc mix race. Matchmaking is fuzzy bunny dead. Wot 7v7 matchmaking 2. Difference between Destiny raid matchmaking petition. Fort bragg hook up base.

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Gossip and Subversion in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction

The letter comes as peer institutions have reversed their own plans due to rising COVID infection rates. Opinion: Sarah Colin ’23 makes a case for Dartmouth to offer online degree offerings to ease the financial pressures felt by some students, writing that “the future of college in America is online degrees. Opinion: Peter Leutz ’22 writes that “we cannot fantasize about returning to normal because normal itself is the product of apathy, not progress.

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Using a skill based matchmaker See why other supporters are signing, why this petition is important to them, Because, its a much needed feature in WoT. 0​.

OrbOrigin asked a question. So decided to come on this morning only to be greeted with no plunder quads only duos you can play 2 player in quads but you can’t play 4 player in duos what is the point in this I’ve come in the top 10 playing by myself on plunder no need for duos take battle royal trios off put plunder quads on. We are a group of friends and if we cant play together we prefer not to play at all. Why going back like this? I could understand reverting to trio i still prefer quad to remain but duo, for a multiplayer game, it’s just bad.

I hope someone else think the same as us.. Totally agree! We are 4 friends that exclusively play plunder, just to log on today to find quads gone! Why not simply have plunder trios, duos and quads all in different servers?

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Facilitated clenched Skyler garotted muzziness world of tanks su 44 matchmaking petition outrates divisively. Wot matchmaking calculator.

Shitpost Petition for this to become a consumable for artillery players. Say they live about 4 minutes before they need to drown with a 30 sec reload, that are 8 shoots and maybe 1 shoot gets useful. Grille and i think the su-5 with the big gun too. Cause with the grille i can only countrrarty on small maps and the su sucks. Always grants me like more damage.

I sometimes stand right next to the edge of the water. Make the last shot, and reverse into the water. When my team is losing the least I could do is suicide to deny them kills. When the game is a giant POS I don’t care about getting extra When you drown yourself, you’re not fucking over your team, you’re fucking over the enemy team. You’re denying them the XP and cash for going after your sorry ass.

Also fucking yourself. Your grind will be slower without the extra dmg and base xp.

Wargaming: Bring Back The Old World of Tanks Petition

This happens in both Army and Aviation, but I posted this in Ground Battles forum since it is a lot more exaggerated in this mode. Think about it. Higher tier tanks has thicker armour and more powerful guns. This leads to lower kills, thus, lower points, which then leads to slower research. This tips the scale for the other guys since they will get more kills.

II and M2s.

Petition: Don’t Encourage Intentional Kill Stealing For Monthly Events – posted in Locked Thread its actually hard to kill steal in wot. the chances are good that I won’t see them again for quite some time, the matchmaker.

You’ve read 1 of 2 free monthly articles. Learn More. O n Sept. Although Peggle involves some skill—before firing the ball, the player must carefully aim the launcher that dangles at the top of the screen—you are principally at the mercy of the luck of the bounce. Fairness is the unspoken promise of most video games. Controlled by an omniscient and omnipotent designer, a video game has the capacity to be ultimately just, and players expect that it will be so. And yet, when video games truly play by the rules, the player can feel cheated.

Extensive play-testing revealed that a player who was told that he had a 33 percent chance of success in a battle but then failed to defeat his opponent three times in a row would become irate and incredulous. In Civilization, you can replay the same battle over and over until you win, albeit incurring costs with every loss.

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Wargaming: Bring Back The Old World of Tanks Petition. WoT’s real problems can be summed up in about 4 points: 1) Current MM. Or perhaps bring back the nonexistant matchmaker from the beta where tier 1 would face.

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unfair matchmaking petition

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Preliminary injunctive relief is necessary to prevent Apple from crushing Epic before this case could ever get to judgement. Update 3: Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has publicly commented about the company’s decision to sue Apple and Google, following rampant debate online about the merits of the suit, Epic’s intentions, and more. But the fight isn’t over Epic wanting a special deal, it’s about the basic freedoms of all consumers and developers.

You work hard to earn this stuff. When you spent it, the way it’s divided determines whether your money funds the creation of games or is taken by middlemen who use their power to separate gamers from game creators. Epic is not seeking compensation, but rather “injunctive relief that would deliver The full details of the suit can be read via The Verge.

In a statement to The Verge , Google explained that “While Fortnite remains available on Android, we can no longer make it available on Play because it violates our policies. However, we welcome the opportunity to continue our discussions with Epic and bring Fortnite back to Google Play. Epic has responded by filing a complaint for injunctive relief against Apple.

In a statement to The Verge , Apple confirmed that “As a result [of Epic’s update to the game,] their Fortnite app has been removed from the store. Epic enabled a feature in its app which was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and they did so with the express intent of violating the App Store guidelines regarding in-app payments that apply to every developer who sells digital goods or services. Apple goes on to cite Epic’s agreement to the App Store rules in the first place, which allowed Fortnite to exist previously on the app store, noting that “The fact that their business interests now lead them to push for a special arrangement does not change the fact that these guidelines create a level playing field for all developers and make the store safe for all users.

How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games

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When gods were held responsible for luck, we were limited to prayerful petitions for good fortune. Now the architects of our fate in games can be looked up on.

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: LethaIity, on 04 November – PM, said:. BossTroll, on 04 November – PM, said:. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums. Poll: matchmaking petition members have cast votes You have to complete battle in order to participate this poll. Show poll.

Single Tier MM Petition

There are many people who say they don’t like the new carriers but apparently, only very few people are prepared to at least try and do something about it. Here is the text of the original campaign, which you can be in two minds about but which I think is neither unreasonable nor toxic, unconstructive etc. I’ve read much worse go unpunished, on Reddit as well as this forum. A global online petition has been created, asking Wargaming to finally fix the CVs.

And so, I have a petition, change the matchmaking system to lot of them. just was looking at WoT again. it looks much more professional, they.

By gurudennis , February 6, in General Game Discussion. Mutsu is shaping up to be a poorly armored, low-maneuverability battleship with no AA and lacking torpedo protection, her only major selling point being the caliber of her guns. From experience we’ve come to expect that gun caliber more or less directly translates to 1 alpha damage, and 2 penetration.

Sounds pretty good, right? If this was the case with Mutsu, I’d be opening my wallet no questions asked. But it’s not. Mutsu being a representation of a stock hull Nagato at tier 6, her penetration capability reflects the outdated type of shells she carried in the interwar period. Their penetration values are abysmal , not just for the 16″ caliber but for a battleship around T6 in general. Mutsu’s penetration on her eight guns will be straight up outclassed by any similar tier battleship other than Dunkerque the HE spammer.

With eight guns you’d expect that every shot counts aka Nagato playstyle, but actually it looks more like every shot that doesn’t disperse, bounces. Yeah, you guessed it. The smart players will spam HE with her second reload.

Is Tier 8 Matchmaking Broken? – World of Tanks