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Gloria Lin has gone on a lot of dates in the past year. No, not that kind. But she quickly found that was easier said than done. You have to both want to do a startup — requiring similar levels of high-risk tolerance — and be available at the same time, which depends on life and financial circumstances. Just like real-life dating, sometimes it seemed like I was going to end up alone. Eventually, I met Joel Poloney and everything clicked. In this exclusive interview, Lin presents that rigorous approach in full, from how she found potential partners and handled early conversations to how they ideated and prototyped together to narrow in on a more specific idea. Lin also shares the incredibly detailed co-founder questionnaire — with 50 questions spanning across six categories — that she and other fellow founders have collaborated on to probe compatibility more deeply. But we’ve also included the full set below, in a designed PDF template so you can grab and go, and further down in a Google Doc, in case you’d like to edit and add your own questions.

Building a Co-Founder Dating App to Solve My Own Problem

After the event, they met regularly to brainstorm. Often Choudhary’s husband and Ossareh’s girlfriend would join founder for dinner. In some cases, one’s first match may not be a good fit. Alexa Andrzejewski attended a Startup Weekend event in San Francisco to develop her business idea: a mobile application for browsing and rating restaurant dishes. By the end of the weekend, she and her partner, Michael Goff, founder come up with mockups of a mobile san called Foodspotting, complete with restaurant profiles and images of meals.

Then join us for Startup Co-Founder Dating event. Then, attendees speed-pitch their idea to other attendees, based on the type of co-founder.

My name is Oliver Bremer. I’m working on Founder2be — the original co-founder matchmaking service — together with my co-founders Frank and Wolfgang. I grew up in Germany, got my master’s in computer science in the U. Seven years later, the day I held the first iPhone in my hands, I did two things:. Next, I joined a tech startup, which got me thinking about solving problems in new ways. Soon I had all sorts of ideas for a startup of my own.

All I needed was a co-founder. And so the idea for Founder2be was born: online dating for co-founders. I had plenty of ideas for startups, but I didn’t want to start alone. With every new idea, I asked friends and co-workers to join me. Unfortunately, nobody I asked ever wanted to jointly found a startup around any of my ideas.

Looking for a co-founder? Try Co-founder Dating

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Just like normal dating evolved into speed dating, evolved into online dating, it similarly happened with how people are looking for a co-founder match. Instead or.

Written by Ivan Kreimer July 22, Want a heads up when a new story drops? Subscribe here. And you have a lot of options. A startup is a long-term investment; you need someone who will stick with you through all the challenges lying ahead. For that, you need someone who trusts you, and preferably likes you: could be a friend, an acquaintance, a confidant. Whatever you want to call it, a co-founder is someone whose trust and support will push you throughout the entrepreneurial journey.

You may have found someone you trust, but if that person has similar skills as you, such a partnership will be of little use.

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Speed Pitch networking event at the Star in Frisco! Come see us AGAIN on Tuesday, @jophilie von Rheingau Founders Kentra und Lift Technology. Pitch went down a treat! Kinda like speed dating– but to meet your next business match!

Speedpitch Instagram Posts posts. Ci vediamo il 10 e 11 luglio deadline 30 giugno filmfreeway. We are up and running!! Bring the party home!!! Anytime I saw this, I was willing to risk having Tommy John surgery to make sure I correctly guessed the mph on my final throw! Another fantastic Speed Pitch evening where some great ideas were shared! Also ran! Das erste Instagram Live Speeddating hier bei mir, wahrscheinlich das erste jemals! Aber in erster Linie soll es um dein Business gehen.

Jeder Teilnehmer hat 5 min sich und sein Business vorzustellen. Was hast du davon? Wann: So kann ich auch ein wenig besser planen. Ein Platz bleibt frei, falls jemand ganz spontan so mutig ist mitzumachen.

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Oct 2,. It’s sort of like speed dating, but it’s speed pitching.. Improving the quality of hires or increasing the speed of the hiring process saves. Oct 29,.

VC’ Founders’ Dating matchmaking event is a not for profit initiative to help Founders find the right co-founders for their startup. Aim of the co-founder discovery.


Speed Co-founder Dating: Find the Right Partner for Your Startup


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Then join us for Startup Co-Founder Dating event. Then, attendees speed-pitch their idea to other attendees, based on the type of co-founder.


How These Startup Co-Founders Fixed Their Struggling Relationship